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Trick-or-Treating in the Perlman Center

Trick-or-Treating in the Perlman Center

Monsters, princesses and a host of other cute characters flooded the halls of the E building this week for two fun days of trick-or-treating at the hospital!

Together with members of their care team, groups of patients went trick-or-treating door to door in the morning and afternoon of October 27 and 28. This festive Halloween tradition, which doubles as a costume parade, has been a huge hit in the Perlman Center for years!

The Aaron W. Perlman Center serves children with cerebral palsy and other chronic physical disabilities. Trick-or-treating in the hallways of the medical center gives kids a safe environment where they can practice using their assistive communication technology and mobility devices to do what every kid loves to do on Halloween: collect as much candy as possible!

For some children and families, this is the only way trick-or-treating is possible. Others take the opportunity to prepare for Halloween night in their own communities.

The annual event is just as eagerly anticipated by kids and families as it is by Cincinnati Children’s employees who dress up and bring in treats or small toys to hand out. If an office hangs a jack-o-lantern poster on their door, it means “the lights are on” and trick-or-treaters are welcomed to stop by.

Here’s a sampling of some of the great costumes we saw this year:


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