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I have to admit, having kids threw me for a loop. Well, I guess they threw me for more than one loop, but relative to the organization of my house, they threw me for one HUGE loop.

I wasn’t prepared for how much stuff would invade my house. And not just the essentials like diapers and nail clippers and lotions – but the toys and stuffed animals and books and balls and puzzles! How do two tiny little people have so much stuff?

I feel like we have a toy box or bucket in every room of our house. A step I’ve taken to help contain the infiltration of their playthings, but also to help save our feet. (Have you ever stepped on a Lego barefoot?!)

So needless to say, I’m always looking for new ideas to organize the toy chaos in my house. I happened upon Anna Luther’s 10 Creative Ways to Organize Toys post on her blog My Life And Kids and I am looking forward to trying some of these out. She has compiled clever ideas for varying types of toys from multiple sources. Because we have so many matchbox cars, idea #1 will be the first I try!

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Rachel Camper

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Rachel enjoys her role in social media because not only does she get to share inspirational stories and helpful information with other parents, but she learns all sorts of useful tips along the way! A mother of three spirited kids, she enjoys cooking, running and (much needed) relaxing with yoga.

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