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10 Creative Ways to Organize Toys | Pin of the Week

10 Creative Ways to Organize Toys | Pin of the Week

I have to admit, having kids threw me for a loop. Well, I guess they threw me for more than one loop, but relative to the organization of my house, they threw me for one HUGE loop.

I wasn’t prepared for how much stuff would invade my house. And not just the essentials like diapers and nail clippers and lotions – but the toys and stuffed animals and books and balls and puzzles! How do two tiny little people have so much stuff?

I feel like we have a toy box or bucket in every room of our house. A step I’ve taken to help contain the infiltration of their playthings, but also to help save our feet. (Have you ever stepped on a Lego barefoot?!)

So needless to say, I’m always looking for new ideas to organize the toy chaos in my house. I happened upon Anna Luther’s 10 Creative Ways to Organize Toys post on her blog My Life And Kids and I am looking forward to trying some of these out. She has compiled clever ideas for varying types of toys from multiple sources. Because we have so many matchbox cars, idea #1 will be the first I try!

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