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Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make | Pin of the Week

Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make | Pin of the Week
December 13, 2013

My favorite part of this time of year is the children around me. The kids in the concourse here at the hospital commenting on the intricate details of the trees currently on display. The kids at Target helping their parents choose gifts for their brothers, sisters or cousins. And of course, my own children and their excitement about the season.

It’s a magical time of year and I love seeing how different children take part and use their creative little brains to spread happiness and cheer.

As a child, I loved to make things. I’m not the most talented artist, but I’ve been surprised several times as an adult by the things that my family members have saved that I, or another member of my family, made as gifts when we were little.

Thinking along those lines, I started looking for ideas of gifts that my 4 year old and I could make for her to give to our family members.

In my search, I found these Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make from Parent’s Magazine. There are 17 ideas of varying degrees of difficulty that are both super cute and completely doable without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for ideas for your kids too, I’d recommend checking it out.

I think I’m going to tuck a couple of these away as ideas to make as birthday gifts too!

Check out our Pinterest page to see more ideas like this, fun activities for kids, tips for parents, healthy recipes, and more.

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