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Homemade Sensory Bottles | Pin of the Week

Homemade Sensory Bottles | Pin of the Week

This week’s Sensory Bottles Pin of the Week comes from Erin at A Bird and a Bean.

Erin says, “I made these cute little bottles for my niece when she turned one. Sensory bottles provide a variety of learning experiences for preschoolers and kids of all ages. They just love them. They are a great little project to make and the kids can get involved. My niece really enjoyed them. She has two older brothers, so there are many little tiny toys that she’s not allowed to play with, yet. Having small things inside a bottle to play with made her so happy!”

We like the customizable nature of these homemade toys. Each child’s interests and abilities are different and this provides an opportunity to create fun toys exactly the way they will be most useful  and entertaining to one particular child.

Please let us know if you make some!

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