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Simple Restaurant Activities | Pin of the week

Simple Restaurant Activities | Pin of the week

We’ve all been there.  We can only prepare so many meals at home without desiring a night off.  An evening free of chopping, sautéing, stirring, and cleaning…it sounds so luxurious! But sometimes when I think about the logistics of taking the kids to a restaurant and the potential for them to melt down in a public place, I opt to stay home. Is it worth it?  Will our food be brought to the table before my kids get antsy, bored, and vocal?

After reading Amber Schultz’s Fun Activities for Kids in Restaurants post, I’m feeling more confident about our next dining-out excursion.  On her blog, Myth Busting Mommy, she offers six simple and free activities to keep kids entertained at a restaurant. Fun games such as “I spy” and “favorites” can keep your little talkers occupied while the restaurant is cooking your family’s dinner and dirtying dishes that you won’t have to clean up!  I’ll raise my glass to that.  And the bonus, in my mind, is that they’re games in which I can engage with my kids. They’re not just activities that will keep them occupied on their own accord.

What are your kids’ favorite restaurant activities?  I’m always on the look-out for suggestions, and I bet other parents would be interested in hearing new dining-out distraction ideas. What about recommendations for children who aren’t yet talking?

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