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Upcycle Easter Eggs | Pin of the Week

Upcycle Easter Eggs | Pin of the Week

If your family celebrated Easter this past weekend, I’m guessing you might have some plastic egg halves lingering around your home – I know I have plenty at my house!

Putting the eggs away to reuse next year is always an option, but if you’re not a household that likes to save things, or if you have halves that don’t have other halves, or if you just want to repurpose some of them to thin out your collection, today’s Pin of the Week is for you.

Leah at Popsugar Moms compiled a list of 20 Ways to Upcycle Your Easter Eggs – and the ideas run the gamut from educational, to functional, to just plain adorable. If you upcycle your eggs, please let us know, we’d love to hear about what you create.

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