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Dr. Michael Helmrath, Surgical Director, Intestinal Rehabilitation Program, explains that he and his colleagues recently published the first follow-up study of adolescent patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery. The study proved that surgical weight loss for children who are morbidly › Continue Reading

“Be kinder than necessary for everyone is fighting some kind of battle.” This quote is tattooed on the arm of one of our patients from the Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens. I think about this poignant statement often. It › Continue Reading

It’s been seven months since my daughter Alexis had sleeve gastrectomy surgery at Cincinnati Children’s. Seeing as so much has changed for Alexis and our family in that time, I figured it was time to update the many people who › Continue Reading

Research has shown that bariatric surgery can be an effective treatment for patients with hypothalamic obesity. Dr. Inge and other physicians at Cincinnati Children’s have published reviews and their own unique findings on this topic. Dr. Inge recently wrote a › Continue Reading

Alexis Shapiro’s story caught the attention of many people from around the country, including news outlets, generous individuals who wanted to help change the outcome, and those who were curious to learn more about the complex biological condition that caused › Continue Reading