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While social media was meant to bring people together in a positive way, we’re all well aware of the potential abuses, such as cyberbullying. One of the main reasons that social media is ripe for abuse is because many apps › Continue Reading

The American Justice Department statistics show that 1 in every 4 kids will be bullied some time in their adolescence. With the consequences of bullying well-documented, this is a sobering statistic. On the flip side, it can be equally disheartening › Continue Reading

If your child is being bullied by someone at school, you are understandably concerned. When you learn of this situation, there are two initial steps to take. The first is to remain calm. I realize that this may be easier › Continue Reading

Thousands of students at high schools across the country joined together today in an effort to turn the tide on girl-to-girl bullying. Secret Deodorant’s Mean Stinks held a live streaming event in support of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month. Now › Continue Reading

In an effort to turn the tide on America’s bullying epidemic, Cincinnati Children’s and Procter & Gamble’s Mean Stinks anti-bullying initiative have developed the “Girls Guide to End Bullying,” an anti-bullying curriculum. The “Girls Guide to End Bullying” is a › Continue Reading