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Cincinnati Children’s is home to physicians of many different specialties. Very often, a visit with a specialist is accompanied by imaging, such as  MRI or CT. On the day of your child’s imaging study, you meet many people, including front desk personnel, › Continue Reading

Photo (lf-rt): Drs. Neil Lall, Aaron McAllister, Madalsa Joshi, Brian Pugmire, Hollie West, John Roebel, HaiThuy Nguyen and Enrique Alvarado. People come from all over the world to be seen by the doctors at Cincinnati Children’s. Few stop to think that we have physicians from all over the › Continue Reading

Meet the Team: You!

When you are at the hospital with your child, there are teams of people here that are trying to help. You have doctors, nurses, technologists, receptionists, housekeepers, security officers and lots of other people working to make sure your experience › Continue Reading