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The scientific world has been looking for the causes of preterm birth for decades. Yet it has remained one of the great mysteries of human biology. We know that preterm birth is a combination of both genetic and environmental factors, › Continue Reading

Are babies better off if they sleep in a cardboard box? For decades, the government of Finland, which has one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates, has given expectant mothers a cardboard box, which is filled with baby supplies › Continue Reading

Cradle Cincinnati released its latest report on infant mortality in Hamilton County that says the rate has dropped to 8.96 for every 1,000 births between 2012 and 2016.  That’s down from 10 deaths for every 1,000 births a decade ago. › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s received a $3.5 million Healthy Start grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to help reduce high infant mortality rates in the Cincinnati area. “This funding will support better health for mothers and their › Continue Reading

To continue improving Cincinnati’s high infant mortality rate, local health systems, governments, and foundations came together to contribute $1 million to Cradle Cincinnati, a nonprofit working to significantly curb infant deaths across the region. Funding was provided by Cincinnati Children’s › Continue Reading

In an effort to combat Hamilton County’s high infant mortality rate, Bethesda Inc. is providing a $3.2 million grant to help fund a program designed to reduce premature births. The program, which will also receive funding from Cincinnati Children’s, seeks to › Continue Reading

State leaders this week announced a bipartisan effort to curb the high infant mortality rate in Ohio, where some cities have infant death rates twice the national average. State Sens. Shannon Jones, R-Springboro, and Sen. Charleta Tavares, D-Columbus, discussed plans › Continue Reading

Zero. That’s the dramatic goal set by a group of community leaders striving to lower Hamilton County’s infant mortality rate.  At the group’s first meeting, 23 doctors, other health professionals, medical administrators and politicians agreed they would work together to › Continue Reading