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Last we met the Vaughn family, they told a story of a fragile Christmas baby who was fighting for his life. When Lisa and Anthony Vaughn’s son was born on Christmas Day, 2008, they named him Immanuel. He weighed 1 › Continue Reading

Even on the days when a patient gets a depressing diagnosis or things seem to be going wrong, people around here have a way of believing in the power of a smile to help make things OK. That’s what happened › Continue Reading

Wow. Yesterday was long, emotional, draining and heartwarming. I went to a rural Mississippi area to see an extended family that lives on four houseboats. Isaac flooded the roadway to their homes and after more than a week, there is still › Continue Reading

I had a busy day yesterday, but was able to get out of the headquarters and into some of the areas damaged by Hurricane Isaac. Iron Chef celebrity Cat Cora, who is a native Mississippian, volunteered to assist with the › Continue Reading