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A Christmas Baby Named Immanuel

A Christmas Baby Named Immanuel
December 14, 2012

Last we met the Vaughn family, they told a story of a fragile Christmas baby who was fighting for his life.

When Lisa and Anthony Vaughn’s son was born on Christmas Day, 2008, they named him Immanuel. He weighed 1 pound, 15 ounces, and the Vaughns were praying for a miracle.

Immanuel was premature, and on top of that, he had liver cancer. When the Vaughns told their story two years ago, Immanuel was facing chemotherapy. He had to wear a tracheostomy tube to breathe and a gastrostomy tube to eat. But he also laughed and smiled, and his parents held out hope that his health would improve.

Their prayers worked. Today, Immanuel is cancer-free. He no longer needs his trach or his G-tube. He played soccer this year. He is taking swim lessons. He is in preschool. He wants trains for Christmas, the day he’ll turn 4. He’s talking, running around and laughing.

His parents are smiling as well.

“We’re relieved,” Lisa Vaughn says. “We’re just enjoying life.”

As they reflect on their Christmas blessings, their 2010 holiday story of hope still applies:

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