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Like a lot of parents, I am concerned about many aspects of COVID-19. Among numerous other things, I’m worried about what will happen if my kids get sick or hurt during the pandemic. I can’t tell you how many times › Continue Reading

The short answer is no. Parents are usually surprised to learn that frequent snoring in children is often concerning. Aside from when your child has a cold, which may block the nasal passageways, snoring that occurs frequently is abnormal and › Continue Reading

A Cincinnati couple is warning others about the dangers of button batteries after their 14-month-old daughter recently swallowed one. Veda Kleem was treated and released from Cincinnati Children’s after swallowing a lithium button battery from a tea lite used in › Continue Reading

When Tasha Barreda of San Antonio, Texas, wasn’t getting answers about her daughter Emma’s breathing difficulties, she turned to a pen and paper. Emma, who was born with Down Syndrome, began having trouble breathing at a few months old and › Continue Reading

As most parents know, toddlers love to put things in their mouths. This is the main reason why ingestion of non-food items, or “foreign bodies,” is a common problem in children less than 3 years of age. According to the › Continue Reading

There are a few scenarios in which your child may need a tracheotomy, such as a traumatic injury, a chronic illness, or as a premature infant transitioning from a ventilator. Regardless of the reason, if you’re considering a tracheotomy for › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s is conducting a joint study with the Cincinnati Boychoir to better understand how puberty affects the male singing voice. Twenty one boys with unchanged voices between the ages of 7 to 12 years are enrolled and being evaluated › Continue Reading

  Today is a day to celebrate voices. Each year since 2002, World Voice Day (WVD) has been internationally recognized on April 16. This year’s theme, “Voice: The Original Social Media,” illustrates how we use our voice every day to › Continue Reading

By now, many parents have probably heard about the allergy study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggesting the early introduction of peanut protein decreased the frequency of the development of peanut allergies. The validity of › Continue Reading

Jack’s Magic Ears

My husband and I had our first child, Jack, last September. Jack is an amazing one-year-old little boy who has the ability to brighten anyone’s day with his smile. While he is like many other one-year-old boys in many ways, › Continue Reading

My name is Ashleigh Baker and I have been a Cincinnati Children’s patient my whole life. I was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate and I have been patiently waiting my tenth surgery which is finally tomorrow! As › Continue Reading