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All over the world and especially in the United States, we are seeing puberty start at an earlier age. As a pediatric and adolescent gynecologist, it’s no different in my office. While the average age for a girl’s period to › Continue Reading

  Today is a day to celebrate voices. Each year since 2002, World Voice Day (WVD) has been internationally recognized on April 16. This year’s theme, “Voice: The Original Social Media,” illustrates how we use our voice every day to › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s and the Cincinnati Boychoir have partnered to study how a boy’s voice changes during puberty, with an emphasis on how to better teach young men to steer their voices during that change in their lives. About 20 Boychoir › Continue Reading

Girls who hit puberty early might be more likely than their peers to get into fights or skip school, a new study suggests. Researchers found that girls who started their menstrual periods early – before age 11 – were more likely to admit to › Continue Reading

Childhood obesity appears to be playing a major role in the earlier onset of puberty in girls. And it’s a phenomenon that is affecting white girls much sooner than previously reported, according to new research. A multi-institutional study found African American girls started › Continue Reading

American boys are entering puberty at a younger age than they did several decades ago, according to new research. But the study – which mirrors previous research about girls and puberty – does not pinpoint what’s causing the change. Investigators › Continue Reading