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New Year’s Balloons | Pin of the Week

New Year’s Balloons | Pin of the Week
December 28, 2012

Can you believe December is almost over? We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday. Our pin of the week comes from the blog . It is an idea for celebrating new years with children.  The idea is to blow up balloons for each hour up to midnight for the kids to pop on the hour. Inside the balloons, is a note with an activity. For example:

*7pm – Have a dance party!

*8pm – Make Brownies

*9pm – Pop your Confetti Poppers

*10pm – Do some Karaoke

*11pm – Make a Toast (w/ Sparkling Grape Juice in Champagne glasses!)

*Midnight – Make Some Noice!!

Some structure to the evening will keep kids busy and excited on New Year’s. Who doesn’t love popping balloons? We hope you all have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year! Make sure you check out our Pinterest page to see more ideas like this, fun activities for kids, tips for parents, healthy recipes, and more. Happy Holidays!

Photo Credit: Dana Gentry

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