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Toddler Tree | Pin of the Week

Toddler Tree | Pin of the Week

Our pin of the week comes from the blog Now that holiday decorating is in full swing many kids are interested in what mom and dad are doing with the sparkly things around the house. This pin is a felt Christmas tree for little ones to decorate.

Decorating a tree with young children in the house can be a challenge. They often want to play with the tree and the ornaments which can result in disaster. This way, they will have their very own tree to play with and your family Christmas tree will stay in one piece (hopefully).

We love this idea because it’s easy, inexpensive, and reusable! Children can redecorate the felt tree as many times as they wish and you can store it away for next year. This fun idea also helps children practice their fine motor skills.

Make sure you check out our Pinterest page to see more ideas like this, fun activities for kids, tips for parents, healthy recipes, and more. Happy Holidays!

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