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Construction Update: MRI Services Moving and Expanding

Construction Update: MRI Services Moving and Expanding

If you’ve been to Burnet Campus lately, you have probably noticed major changes happening! The most apparent modifications are the expansive Critical Care Building project and renovation of clinical space. The one we’d like to make you aware of today is related to our MRI services.

Our radiology team explains this challenge in further detail in a previous blog post. Essentially, construction of a new building is producing vibrations as well as alterations to the uniformity of the magnetic field. Both can impact the quality of the images.

Because precise imaging is so important to the diagnosis and care of our patients, we have decided to relocate and expand our MRI services during construction.

Since October 1, we have opened a temporary location at 3404 Burnet Avenue called Erkenbrecher MRI as well as expanding our capabilities at our Liberty Campus. These changes are in addition to the outpatient MRI services that are, and will continue to be offered at our Green Township and Kenwood offices.

Erkenbrecher MRI Unit

This newly created, temporary facility is located on the corner of Burnet Avenue and Erkenbrecher Avenue, across from the Ronald McDonald House and diagonal from the main hospital building. Two brand new 1.5T Philips MRI machines are located at this location. These are the exact same model of MRI machines we use in the main hospital, as well as our Neighborhood Locations.

Due to space constraints at this new facility, parking is limited. A small parking lot with six parking spots (two reserved for handicap vehicles) is available to patients for up to 2 hours at a time. If the temporary spaces are full, parking is available next door at the 3430 Burnet Avenue garage, which is accessible from Northern Avenue.


To assist with these changes, we have also expanded our imaging capabilities at Liberty Campus as well. This doubles our services at Liberty Campus and the additional unit will remain in place permanently.


We are not certain how long these changes will remain in place. We expect that our temporary MRI Unit will need to stay through at least the Spring of 2019.  Once the new Critical Care Building’s outside wall is erected and attached to the outside wall of the existing building, our radiology team will conduct quality evaluations to assess the consistency of the images. It is worth noting the effects on the MRI machines from construction are not permanent and will not damage the machines.


Please keep in mind that our other Neighborhood Locations offer imaging services as well! Check our website for the one closest to you. Their imaging capabilities will remain the same throughout Burnet Campus construction.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call our radiology team at (513) 636-1320.

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