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Happy One-Year Anniversary, WKID33!

Happy One-Year Anniversary, WKID33!

One year ago this week, WKID33 broadcasted live for the first time in Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s. Since then, Seacrest Studios has provided patients a window to the world, a pathway to music, interactive television, and most importantly, each other.

Born from a partnership between Cincinnati Children’s and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, the glass-fronted studio operates across the hall from the main cafeteria of our Burnet Campus.

The studio gives hospitalized children a chance to put on headphones, step to the microphone as guest DJs, participate in program production and be part of the media magic.

“Kids can come in and explore and get their minds off why they’re in the hospital,” said Zach Wells, studio manager and one of two full-time media specialists at Seacrest Studios. “To see the reaction on the kids’ faces, to bring joy to them, it’s so meaningful.”

It’s also an interactive connection for kids unable to leave their hospital rooms because of safety or infection risk concerns. It broadcasts game shows and other entertainment directly on the TVs in patients’ rooms on Channel 33, WKID33. Children can dial 513-803-3333 to call in music requests, participate in games or watch learning and health-oriented programming. Patients can also make appointments through Child Life to have their own individualized studio experience and engage in shows that appeal to their particular skills and interests.

Some of the most popular programming is Bingo every Monday and Wednesday night, as well as interviews with celebrity guests such as musical artists, Cincinnati Reds and Bengals players, and other familiar faces. The studio has grown in the last year to feature 26 original programs.

To help celebrate the anniversary, we have compiled a few photos below from the last year. They’re only highlights – too many great things happened to share them all!

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