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Introducing The New Family Resource Center

Introducing The New Family Resource Center

After years of planning and months of construction, I’m thrilled to be able to introduce the new Family Resource Center to the patients and families of Cincinnati Children’s.

It’s still hard to believe it’s finished, and the truth is, it’s even better than I imagined it could be. Not only is it a beautiful new space, located in the heart of the medical center, it also reflects the recommendations that we have collected from the families we serve.

We heard from you: “We want a space that feels uniquely ours.”

The new Family Resource Center is a space designed by patients and families that aims to serve diverse needs in an environment that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable with a lot of natural light. You’ll be greeted by warm and personable staff and have access to our guest services and family relations departments.

We heard from you: “It’s challenging to learn about how to care for my child with all the distractions at the bedside.”

Three family learning rooms are dedicated to serving families’ learning needs so they can feel confident in caring for their child at home. Family members can schedule time with nurse educators for individualized training and education.

We heard from you: “I just need a place to check email, connect to social media with family and friends, or search the web for medical information.”

In the media and resource area you will find computers with internet access. In addition, family advocates are available to respond to and provide informational requests to families, whether it is additional information about a child’s health condition, support services available in the community, or assistance with and Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

We heard from you: “I want to be able to relax in an environment that feels like a home, not a hospital.”

Rather than providing one large space, the family living area is “carved” into comfortable nooks of privacy including quiet distractions for children, lockers for families to store materials for the day, reading benches, and refreshment center.  Throughout the center is artwork created through the collaboration of our patients and families with the art academy of Cincinnati and School for Creative and Performing Arts. The art was designed to acknowledge and inspire the unique spirit of our patients and families.


We heard from you: “I would like a place to get fresh air and relax.”

The new space includes a patio that was designed to provide families a connection to nature through landscaping, a fountain, and seating that allows for private meditation or group conversation.


We heard from you: “I need a place I can go when I’m exhausted and need just an hour or two of sleep.”

The resting room is a space for comfortable relaxation, designed with music controls that allow families to create their own relaxing environment and walls insulated for sounds barriers to allow for private conversation.

We heard from you: “I need a private space to connect with my professional life or Skype with extended family.”

We’ve created two private offices equipped with desks and computers so our working family members can stay connected to their careers.

We heard from you: “My family needs a private space where we can be alone.”

The Family Resource Center was deliberately designed to create small private environments to “escape,” including a private family room which enables families to gather in a closed door setting.

We heard from you: “It would be nice to have a place for small gatherings.”

The family gathering space is a large open room, designed for multifunctional use including gaming activities for children, space to show movies, celebrations, sponsored dinners, and other special events for small groups.

And while photos are great, you can only really experience the warmth of the space by visiting. So, please, next time you’re here, do just that. Come on in to the Family Resource Center, it is your space, we’re all here to help make it as useful and enjoyable to you as it can be. You’ll find us in the first floor concourse about half-way between the B elevators and the A elevators. We hope to see you soon.

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