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Autumn Leaf Activities | Pin of the Week

Autumn Leaf Activities | Pin of the Week

I have endless fond memories of playing in huge piles of leaves during the autumn seasons of my childhood. There’s just something magical about leaves turning colors and falling to the ground. My sisters and I would beg our parents to help us rake them together so we could jump and roll in them before we gathered them up off of the grass.

It was an annual thing for us, and we loved it. But eventually, we moved to a house that had more evergreen tress than it did leaf-bearing trees, and there just weren’t enough to make an adequate pile.

Now, my kids are in a similar situation – there aren’t a ton of leaves to be found, but I still like the idea of incorporating leaves and their perfectly autumnal colors into our activities on fall weekends.

Enter today’s Pin of The Week. With help from Marnie at the blog Carrots are Orange, here are 8 fun leaf activities with which you can create plenty of fun leafy exploration, even if you don’t have a pile of leaves.

Each of these ideas and accompanying photos has been sourced from different blogs, with links back to the original posts. We liked this particular compilation of ideas because they’re all adaptable to age levels and interests.

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