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Either my boys are aware that April is national kite month, or they simply have spring fever, because lately they have really gotten into flying kites!

I love any activity that encourages them to run around outside and enjoy the weather. Last week my oldest asked if he could make his own kite to fly in the park. I thought it was a fantastic idea, but not being an inherently crafty person, I needed a guide to get us started.

So I took to Pinterest and found an activity that not only showed us how to make our own kite, but to assemble it with recycled parts. Danielle from the blog formula: mom gives a step-by-step guide to making a DIY Kids Recycled Kite Craft.

Now, to keep it out of that tree…

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Rachel Camper

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Rachel enjoys her role in social media because she not only gets to share inspirational stories and helpful information with other parents, but she learns all sorts of useful tips along the way! A mother of two highly energetic boys and a toddler girl, Rachel enjoys cooking for her family, running with and after her lively kids, and (much needed) relaxing with yoga.

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