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It’s been one year since Alexis Shapiro, the girl who had uncontrollable hunger, had sleeve-gastrectomy surgery at Cincinnati Children’s. Since then, she’s made major strides in losing weight and keeping it under control. “I still really believe the surgery saved › Continue Reading

NBC News continues to follow Alexis Shapiro, the young girl from Texas who came to Cincinnati Children’s for surgery to help her lose weight. Her story got national attention because she was a normal-sized girl until removal of a benign › Continue Reading

It’s been seven months since my daughter Alexis had sleeve gastrectomy surgery at Cincinnati Children’s. Seeing as so much has changed for Alexis and our family in that time, I figured it was time to update the many people who › Continue Reading

Alexis Shapiro, a Cibolo, Texas, pre-teen who had a gastric sleeve procedure at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to correct a rare weight disorder, is doing even better than doctors expected and has lost 37 pounds since her operation. “She › Continue Reading

Two months after 12-year-old Alexis Shapiro underwent obesity surgery to halt out-of-control weight gain and ravenous hunger that sent her climbing past 200 pounds, the San Antonio-area girl is finding her way to a new normal. She has lost 33 › Continue Reading

Alexis Shapiro, a 12-year-old from Texas who came to Cincinnati Children’s for weight-loss surgery, is out of the hospital and improving quickly. Alexis has a rare metabolic condition called hypothalamic obesity, which causes her to feel constantly hungry. Last week doctors › Continue Reading

As many of you were watching the details of Alexis Shapiro’s surgery unfold on Twitter (#HyObesity) last Friday, you might have been wondering about the benefits of the sleeve gastrectomy for patients with hypothalamic obesity. This procedure surgically removes 75-80% › Continue Reading

The story of Alexis Shapiro has touched the world. She’s the 12-year-old girl from Texas who came to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for weight-loss surgery. Alexis suffers from hypothalamic obesity, a condition that she developed after having brain surgery › Continue Reading

Research has shown that bariatric surgery can be an effective treatment for patients with hypothalamic obesity. Dr. Inge and other physicians at Cincinnati Children’s have published reviews and their own unique findings on this topic. Dr. Inge recently wrote a › Continue Reading

Two and a half years ago I gave my daughter Alexis a kiss as she was wheeled into an operating room. The doctors told us that the surgery to remove a non-cancerous brain tumor called a craniopharyngioma would likely result › Continue Reading

Alexis Shapiro’s story caught the attention of many people from around the country, including news outlets, generous individuals who wanted to help change the outcome, and those who were curious to learn more about the complex biological condition that caused › Continue Reading