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It’s a common (and sometimes hilarious) scenario: a preschooler walks into the room with chocolate all over her face and claims that she didn’t eat a cookie. While it can be funny and at the same time disconcerting to hear › Continue Reading

Typically, ADHD is diagnosed during the school years, particularly around age 7. But it is possible to diagnose it as early as four years old. However, it is a difficult diagnosis to make at this young age. All preschoolers, by › Continue Reading

Daily reading is key. I work every day to make sure that parents understand the key role that reading at home plays in their preschooler’s brain development and learning.  But the biggest roadblock I see when I talk to parents › Continue Reading

Children in some neighborhoods of Cincinnati can expect to live nearly 20 years less than children in other neighborhoods. Let me restate that. Children in some neighborhoods of Cincinnati can expect to live nearly 20 years less than children in › Continue Reading

Preschool temper tantrums. Every parent has been through it, some of us more than others. Having a preschooler of my own gave me new perspective on this topic, as a psychologist specializing in preschool behavior and development. It was apparent › Continue Reading

I am no stranger to public meltdowns. My toddler and preschooler are highly energetic, independent and let’s face it – a little wild. They’re qualities that I love and will certainly serve them well later in life. But sometimes those qualities can put › Continue Reading

These simple, fun activities will help keep your 4-year-old’s attention.   Numbers and Stickers Materials You Will Need: 55 stickers, marker, paper What To Do: This counting activity will help your child understand one-to-one correspondence. Write the numerals 1-10 along › Continue Reading

Chances are that your 2-year-old has a lot of feelings – and expressing those feelings isn’t always easy. These simple activities are a great way to spend quality time with your child – and will help her or him learn about feelings and › Continue Reading

While your 3-year-old probably isn’t ready to write a full sentence (or even a single word), there are several activities you can do to help her get ready for writing. The following activities are simple, require very few supplies – › Continue Reading