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Making a burrito bowl can be a quick, easy and healthy meal! And best of all, you can make it just the way you like it – with extra heat or mild enough for the whole family. Makes 8 servings › Continue Reading

We often see young athletes who are struggling in their sport due to the pain of an overuse injury. This term is used often, but is often not fully understood. The following Q&A covers the most important information about overuse › Continue Reading

If you have a young, budding athlete in your house, you’re probably aware that your child needs to drink plenty of fluids and eat a balanced diet to function at her best. But did you know that there are certain › Continue Reading

When I first enrolled my nephew, Bruce, into the HealthWorks! program, my expectations were that it would help him learn healthy eating habits and how to become more physically fit. Because five of his close relatives have or have had › Continue Reading

Summer squash are a subset of squashes that are harvested when immature, while the rind is still tender and edible. Nearly all summer squash are varieties of Cucurbita pepo, though not all Cucurbita pepo are considered summer squashes. The subset › Continue Reading

One of the most frequent questions I get asked in clinic is “how much food should my child eat at each meal?” Portion control is a great topic to talk to your pediatrician about, and establishing healthy portion sizes early › Continue Reading

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” –Thomas Berger A little more than three years ago, we started asking better questions in the Pediatric Primary Care Center (PPCC) to screen our infant patients and › Continue Reading

Each week this summer, we are spotlighting a vegetable and sharing some recipes from Pinterest that we hope will inspire you to either try the food for the first time or prepare it in a fun new way. Today’s spotlight › Continue Reading

Each week this summer, we are spotlighting a vegetable and sharing some recipes from Pinterest that we hope will inspire you to either try the food for the first time or prepare it in a fun new way. Today’s spotlight vegetable is the › Continue Reading

Each week this summer, we are spotlighting a vegetable and sharing some recipes from Pinterest that we hope will inspire you to either try the food for the first time or prepare it in a fun new way. Today’s spotlight vegetable is KALE. › Continue Reading

It’s warm outside and with most schools out for the year, it is feeling like summer is finally, officially here. This long-awaited warm weather is bringing with it the return of farmers markets and abundant opportunities to try new vegetables, › Continue Reading

When I was growing up in California, recess was my favorite part of the school day. It was unstructured play time where we could choose our favorite activities and burn calories while running, jumping, playing kickball… whatever we wanted. In fact, › Continue Reading

How Do I Help My Underweight Child Gain Weight? We are frequently asked this question by both parents and care providers: How do I help an underweight child gain weight with foods that are higher in calories? As a pediatric › Continue Reading

High cholesterol isn’t a problem limited to adulthood. In fact, it’s becoming more common in children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that among youths aged 12-19 years, 14% of kids who are normal weight and 43% of › Continue Reading

As a pediatric dietitian I thought feeding my children would be easy. This was the case for my first child, but it was not for my second. My youngest did not like eating and refused things I thought were good › Continue Reading

You might be asking yourself why a Cincinnati Children’s researcher would be interested in NFL concussion rates. I realize that the connection might not be immediately apparent. Sure, I love football and even played in college, but that’s not why › Continue Reading

I realized the need for a research study as I was picking up my youngest daughter from child care. She was three years old at the time, and like many her age, a very picky eater.  As a conversation starter, I › Continue Reading

Safe Summer Hiking

Summer time presents plenty of time to go for a hike. But, there are also a few dangers. The first and most important thing to have on a hike (besides your map) is enough water. Pack at least 6 ounces › Continue Reading

I’m excited to be partnering with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to help you get outside more and enjoy some wonderful adventures in nature. Hi, I’m Tammy York the author of 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Cincinnati. I’m an avid › Continue Reading

Too many sugary drinks and treats can have an impact on your child’s health. Check out what our experts have to say about the realities of sugar overload. A healthier diet can prevent tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes and childhood › Continue Reading

So, what’s the big deal with energy drinks? They taste good, they come in cool packaging, you can get them anywhere and it’s just caffeine, right? Energy drinks are marketed as providing a “safe” boost of energy, but recently, there › Continue Reading

Putting together an allergen-free holiday meal doesn’t have to be challenging. The Cincinnati Center for Eosinophilic Disorders at Cincinnati Children’s recently shared a link to on its Facebook page as a resource both guests and hosts can use to › Continue Reading

The holidays are officially here – the mall has transformed into a winter wonderland and families everywhere are perfecting their Thanksgiving menu for tomorrow. For me, the holidays mean relaxing, having fun with family and friends, and of course eating › Continue Reading

This week, as we gobble up Thanksgiving traditions and the scents in the kitchen that bring us back to childhood memories, we bring you a story about the power of comfort food. It is a Thanksgiving story, of sorts, that › Continue Reading

ACL Injuries The ACL is a ligament inside your knee that provides stability during activity. ACL tears happen most commonly in sports with running, jumping and change of direction. ACL tears occur two to six times more often in females › Continue Reading